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About Us

How did it start?

It all started with a group of friends with a passion for movies.

Being creative and techy people, we started to brainstorm how we could bring our movie experiences home from the cinema. 

Even if it sounded crazy, we wanted to paint a movie. Not just a frame from a movie – the whole thing.

With endless enthusiasm, we experimented until we found a way to create a painting that represented a particular movie. Our friends started to ask about the paintings. That was when we knew: this is the beginning of Kolorito.

What do our paintings look like?

At first, people just see stripes. It doesn’t seem to mean anything. Yet when they notice that the stripes represent a particular movie, they connect to the painting on a much deeper level.

Why Kolorito?

In 1887, another group of dreamers created Esperanto. The idea of this language was to break down communication barriers and create a global language.

In Esperanto, Kolorito stands for colorful. As every movie has a different color palette, each of our paintings is unique in representing that movie.

Who are we today?

We are a small, ambitious company, inspired by movie art and technology. We aim to capture an exceptional movie experience, encoded in the colorful painting.

Each color stripe in the canvas represents a different scene from the movie. The painting is a timeline of frames that merge into an impressive piece of art.

Our canvases travel to people’s homes for different reasons. Some buy it for themselves, others as a perfect gift. Lovers share memories of the movie they saw on their first date; kids surprise their parents with a sentimental gift of their favorite childhood movie.

Every movie has its own story, so does every Kolorito painting.

Which movie is yours?


We are not related to any movie producing companies. Inspiration is the only connection to them. 


  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Free Shipping on all US & UK orders

  • High-quality, High-consistency Canvas


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